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Being Pro Life isn't always easy.

This blog is dedicated to the advocation of protecting the sanctity of human life, by emphisizing life issues.

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Anonymous asked:

your blog is honestly stupif

Well your face is stupif.

Anonymous asked:

I was prolife until I read your blog.

I just saved $500 dollars on car insurance by switching to Geico. 

Anonymous asked:

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he's having a good time up there (in heaven).

Thank you.  I really appreciate this, and I know he is :)

Anonymous asked:

It scares me how brutally uncaring to the sanctity of human life your anons are. I love you.

I love you too bae.  It honestly really scares me too, it’s actually really terrifying.  Even more so when I think that I used to be the same way.  People who realize it give me hope though.

Anonymous asked:

I just think your blog is awesome. Don't listen to the haters. God bless!! Great job!!!

Haters goin hate, taters goin tate, alligators goin aligate.

i-tore-you-apart-in-my-bed asked:

are you legit blaming your anxiety and depression on your brother being aborted. are you really using that as a scapegoat. really. way to twist shit to fit your cause.

Sorry next time I’ll be sure to get your permission before being depressed about something.

Very relevant to how I'm feeling right now

aliyahjoyy asked:

Love your blog!!:) it really is amazing, and teaches me a lot! Thank you :)

Aww thank you little cutie patootie! nice people like you make me genuinely happy.

alnbeatable asked:

"People are all equal and all deserve the right to life, no matter the circumstance of their conception." I think you dont even realize how fucking brainwashed you sound every time you say that (which is A LOT!). I'm 100% sure you wouldn't be all pro life if you were raped with 12 and had to keep your fucking !fetus! while growing up in a poor family. fuck you, fuck pro life, and fuck everybody who thinks its ok to judge and decide what a person should do with their body and their.

Trigger warning rape

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Anonymous asked:

If you don't like abortions DONT HAVE ONE.

"If you don’t like slavery, don’t own slaves.

If you don’t like assault rifles, don’t buy one.

If you don’t like domestic violence, don’t harm your partner.”

"I can do whatever I want, mind your own business" is the logic behind that.

Anonymous asked:

Except when someone is in a vegetive state then their family can choose to 'pull the plug' and end their 'life'. Kinda the same reasoning you can have an elective abortion until the foetus has an EEG reading

This seems like a response to another post or ask, but since you’re on anon I really have no idea which one you’re referring to.

Anonymous asked:

Abortion is actually safer than giving birth and doesn't carry risks such as post natal depression (and don't bring up 'post abortion syndrome' because it doesn't exist). So stop spreading lies about how 'abortion isn't safe as it is'.

Saying that women and men don’t experience suffering after abortion would be dismissing literally thousands of people and their stories, and I just can’t bring myself to do that.

Anonymous asked:

Pro choice every day.

or nah

ashbee11 asked:

Someone having an abortion has no affect on you. People are getting them right now, and there you are, being unaffected. Someone else's life or lack of life has no affect on you. Stay out of their business.

I have been affected by abortion.  My brother was aborted and because of that and happenings stemming directly from that, I have depression, anxiety, and trust issues severe enough to land me two separate stays in the hospital and asked to leave college because my self harming was “a danger to the university community.”